Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood Flooring

If there is humidity and temperature variations engineered wood flooring is ideal in places where solid wood flooring would not be a viable option. Constructed from multiple layers of wood that are bonded together in a cross-ply construction, engineered floors provide exceptional strength and dimensional stability.

This construction helps control the floor's natural tendency to expand and contract, making it possible to install engineered floors in most rooms of the home..

We carry many of the major brands in both commercial carpet and residential carpet at wholesale prices.

Like solid wood flooring, engineered flooring needs maintaining. It has the same hardness as the solid wood floor and can be sanded the same way. We offer a number of wood flooring maintenance products that will work with your engineered wood floor.

Offering a fantastic alternative to the expense of hardwood floors Featuring a real wood top layer, an engineered floor possesses all the beauty of natural wood, as well as the speed of installation associated with laminate flooring.


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